by Ilio Masprone Editor Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merits MONACO. Last June, 2017, SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco opened the Forum at the Yacht Club de Monaco on “Energy Security for the Future”. Organized for the second consecutive year in the Principality of Monaco, the forum aims to promote the enhancement of energy security and the development of clean and reliable energy sources. The conference brought together political leaders and energy security and clean energy experts to enable them to address key energy issues and find effective solutions. The topics studied during the day were: “The role of institutions for a secure energy strategy in Europe”, “The European Energy Market: Trends and Problems”, “The Regional Prospects and the Need to Focus on Central Europe and Eastern Europe”. Following the announcement of US President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris agreement, the Sovereign decided that it was necessary to intervene hard during the forum: “This decision is a serious misjudgment for our planet and it also undermines America’s global leadership and its own economic interests. In fact, it underestimates the growth prospects offered by a low-carbon economy on the basis of technological innovation,”said the prince. Within our editions – Montecarlotimes – Les Nouvelles, the magazine Il Foglio Italiano and its websites – we have supported with many articles the fundamental issue of environmental sustainability. Today, I strongly support the Principality’s position in particular with regard to the need of improving energy security and promoting the development of clean and reliable energy sources. Although the tiny Principality of Monaco is responsible only to a small extent on global emissions, the country has the ambition to be a leader and innovator in the energy sector and has therefore decided to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 (Compared to 1990), thus participating in an active role at COP21 in Paris 2015. Unfortunately today with the exclusion of the United States, undersigning the deal with the largest and rich nations has represented and represents a major and important commitment for Monaco. It is clear that these measures have a cost but the Principality of Monaco believes that “the price for a green world is insignificant compared to the cost of non-intervention.” said the Sovereign. In keeping its support for green environment policy, Monaco remains loyal to supporting the Green Fund for the climate.




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