by Paolo Sari&Silvana RivellaMONACO. Today, Sari invites you to save one of his special recipe, based on some tasty Mediterranean anchovy. Through his organisation, Bio Chef Global Spirit, on May 2017 Paolo has finalised an exclusive agreement with the only “Monegasque fisherman”, Mr Eric Rinaldi. The city’s last fisherman is heir to a family know-how and guardian of a traditional trade that seems all but destined to disappear. Eric Rinaldi is a true passionate of fishing, which he has been doing since he was a kid, together with his father and uncle. They are recognized for the quality of their work in the Principality.

Eric Rinaldi with Paolo Sari on board of Dédé
Eric Rinaldi with Paolo Sari on board of Dédé

While there were still six fishermen families in Monaco in the 80’s, Eric is the last one to carry on with his passion every morning in the Monegasque sea, on board his boat “Dédé”. Sari has committed himself to buying all Eric’s catches. Just a portion of the catch is sent to a local fishmonger, U Lavassu, located on the port, a few steps from the Yacht Club, so that all of Monaco’s residents may enjoy the fresh fish.


Therefore the chef, who runs four SBM’s restaurants, continues his commitment to healthy and sustainable food. The objective is to be even more involved in the philosophy of locavores, biological products and respect of the nature. This partnership fits perfectly the values of the Bio Chef and his associations: a local approach to food supply, which supports and respects the nature with a reduced environmental impact. The Bio Chef’s Michelin Star tables offer menus made of products from the Roquebrune garden and the Monaco Sea, a process that goes beyond any existing label or certification! Prior to this important step with Rinaldi, in 2015 Sari founded “La Route du Goût” (“The Road to taste”). In 2016 the event’s replay took place in Monaco during the first “2016 Bio Festival” that he launched through the “Bio Chef Global Spirit” Association. In 2017 the Association that he founded and presides has continued its biological and gastronomic journey with the success of the Moses.Bio® – ORTO® project at Roquebrune and Riva Ligure. ORTO is an innovative concept that assures farmers and consumers the products’ quality and has a positive impact on the local economy. The harvest of crops grown on land next to Monaco takes place at the right time of ripening, thus preserving their taste and their organoleptic qualities.

SAVE HERBS 3 stock-vector-herbes-de-provence-garden-planter-aromatic-cooking-herbs-of-sw-france-rosemary-sweet-fennel-333753965Proximity eliminates intermediaries and eases the direct relationship between producer and consumer. The Association assures the manufacturer of the full sale of its production through a network of co-operation with restaurants, shops and chefs. The aim of the Association is to create jobs and invest in the local economy instead of favouring foreign economies. The reduced logistic, the products’ stock and the limited CO2 release in the process are crucial to the Principality’s support to the Green Action. The Association technically and financially helps those who choose green solutions and environmental protection for the development of organic gardens. The farmer must be certified as organic in all his collaboration and undertakes to provide a small part of his production or proceeds to charities of the Association. Presiding over the Association, Sari joins the commitment of the sovereign, SAS Prince Albert II, in respect and protection of the environment, in the development of renewable energies, and would like Monaco to become a symbol of well being in the organic approach. Sari dreams of a world entirely organic, eco-social and respectful of the nature that has been ruined by years of misbehaviour. The key to culinary philosophy lies in the “good and beautiful” motto, associated with great sensitivity. Meticulous, the work starts in the gardens to end in the kitchen. There, Sari enhances the vegetables’ taste, trying to touch them, cut them, and cook them as little as possible so as not to change their characteristics. In short, Sari offers excellence and transparency since arriving in Monaco in 2012, with one prior offer to his restaurants and his customers: authentic recipes from the Riviera with organic and local seasonal products. Of Venetian origin, his attachment to the sea and the conservation of marine resources are reflected in its dishes: extinct and over-exploited species are forbidden, while others such as the Mediterranean anchovies are honoured. In 2013, his approach has been recognized at the highest level by Ecocert, an international specialist on organic certification. The Michelin Guide awarded Sari one star in 2014, placing him among the Grands Chefs de Cuisine, and making him the only one in the world who offers a 100% organic certified menu. His evolution has gradually evolved over the years. Consistently, he went looking for simplicity and sincerity in the kitchen, first above all with supplies. His journey began twenty years ago with his travels all over the world. He spent three months in a Tibetan monastery to study the monks’ autonomy in agricultural production. Today, in Monte Carlo, he daily uses the motto “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, starting with the careful selection of vegetables, fruits and seasonings, meat and today even seafod.

SAVE FILLETS filetti-di-acciughe


Anchovy fillets and tomatoes from the garden in “bruschetta” way.

Time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people: 30 salted Mediterranean anchovy fillets; one spoon of 100%extra virgin olive oil; salt and pepper to season. For the “bruschetta” bread: 5 cl of 100%extra virgin olive oil; half clove garlic, crushed; 10 cl of anchovies stock; 100 grams of Liguria local olives, crushed to a puree; 1 traditionally baked bread. Decoration must be made with some fresh vegetables: 4 pieces of organic mini-marrows; 20 small tomatoes“datterino”; 20 small pieces of dried tomatoes; 2 spoons of 100%extra virgin olive oil; salt and pepper to season; fennel’s and basil’s leaves.

The recipe:

– Put in a pan one spoon of 100%extra virgin olive oil and the garlic. Add the anchovy’ stock and the olives‘ puree and blend until reaching a soft preparation.

– Cut the bread to form 30 dice 3 cm thick, soak them thoroughly in the preparation then cook the dice in the oven for 1 hour at 120°, or until fully dried.

– Clean and rinse the anchovies thoroughly and put the fillets in a dish. Olive oil, salt and pepper to season.

– Cut the marrows in thin vertical slices. Lemon zest, olive oil, salt and pepper to season.

– Make a composition in a nice dish alternating the anchovies, the bread’s dice, the small tomatoes “datterino” and the dried tomatoes. Garnish with some herbs (fennel edges and basil leaves).


Paolo Sari is the only certified one Michelin star bio-chef in the world. Sari is the executive chef of the Monte-Carlo Beach, one of the most prestigious hotels in the French Riviera, and he runs four restaurants — the gourmet restaurant Elsa, the seafood-centric La Vigie, the brasserie Deck and a wood-fired pizzeria — not to mention, he manages the service for the 300 tents and cabins scattered throughout the pine forest and along the private beach.





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