by Paolo Sari MONACO. I am Paolo Sari the only starred and certified bio chef by the Michelin Guide in the world. In 2014 I founded the Route du Goût thanks to HE the Minister of State Mr Michel Roger. The event wanted to celebrate organic gastronomy, ecology, health, youth and sports for a charitable purpose. In no time, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Princely Government, the Monaco City Council, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Tourism and Congress Departments, the Société des Bains de Mer , the Monte-Carlo Country Club and the Monaco Boat Service adhered enthusiastically to the project.

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The Route du Goût 2015 was a gastronomic and touristic journey from San Remo to Saint Tropez. A seven-day trip through the pearls of the Italian Riviera and the Côte d’Azur informing about the environment, discovering flavours and savours of yesterday and today. In 2016, under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior and the Directorate of National Education, the Association organized the first major biological and ecological Festival in Monaco, bringing together on the Monaco Harbour, Quai Antoine 1er, some of the main actors of the biological and ecological approach worldwide, and some of the Major Institutions of the Principality as well. Also in 2016, a partnership agreement was signed between the Association and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to promote the biological and ecological approach through agriculture, renewable energies and gastronomy for the preservation of the planet. 

The Route du Goût 2017 and its 2nd will Monaco Festival Bio will take place from Thursday 12 October to Sunday 15 October 2017. For 5 days, Monaco will symbolize the well-being, the respect and protection of the environment, the evolution of renewable energies and the biological approach. A free event open to everyone on the Port of Monaco with major charitable and humanitarian projects. For the first time, a Press conference will be held the at the Monte Carlo Country Club. Official Media partners of the Route du Goût 2017, TV5MONDE, Chic TV, Radio Monte Carlo Network, and our MonteCarloTimes Publishing Group will be invited to the inaugural cocktail.


  • Thursday 12 October at the Monte Carlo Country Club: at 7pm Opening Route du Goût 2017 – Presentation of the book The Bio Chef with the participation of the Monte Carlo Country Club and the Monaco Tourist. At 7:15pm Press Conference, presentation of sponsors and participants. At 8pm 100% Organic Cocktail and Dinner will take place on invitation.
  • Friday 13 October morning on the Quai Antoine 1er from 10am to 6 pm: the Association Bio Chef Global Spirit inaugurates the Moses.Bio®, the first biodynamic agricultural production floating on the sea, and the 100% Organic Market. Citizens are invited to visit the floating garden and to taste and buy their favorite products at the Market.


  • Friday 13 October afternoon, from 3pm to 5pm, ecological inventors of all ages will present their creations to a jury of artists who will designate the winner of the 2017 edition. From 2pm to 5pm tennis tournaments for 13-18 years old will be organized in partnership with the Monte Carlo Country Club. In the meantime, always from 3pm to 5pm a culinary competition for children will take place in the kitchens of the Restaurant Le Deck of the Monte Carlo Beach: 10 children from 8 to 12 years of the schools of Monaco will accompany 10 Chefs of the Principality. Each binomial Chef/child will be in culinary competition for the preparation of the great Organic Gala «The Market of flavors», at 120,00 € per person, that will take place from 7pm to 10pm. The amount raised for this evening Dinner will be used for the charity projects of the association “Bio Chef Global Spirit”. The detailed program of the evening is the following: at 7pm Welcome Cocktail; at 7:15pm Tasting of dishes by the jury; at 7:40 pm Presentation of the awards of the most delicious dish to the binomial Chef/child. At 7:50pm Award ceremony for the creation of recycled materials of the year. At 8pm Gala Dinner.


  • Saturday 14 October will be dedicated to the environment, with the high participation of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and the Monaco Boat Service at the Quai Antoine 1er: nine starred chefs from all over Europe will prepare a memorable dinner titled “Chefs Love The Planet”: for the first time ever, nine works of culinary art, wine pairing. During the afternoon, a parade of 9 Riva boats will accompany the 9 starred chefs in their work. An exceptional public participation is expected for this unique culinary demonstration. It will be also the occasion for the Association to present the Moses.Bio®. From 10 am to 6pm, the Moses.Bio and the 100% Organic Market will be opened to the public. Citizens are invited to visit the floating garden and to taste and buy their favorite products at the Market.
  • From 2:30pm to 5:30pm Marina Riva Monaco Boat Service will help the Culinary Demo “Chefs Love The Planet”; from 2:30pm to 5pm: exhibition of Riva Boats; meeting with Paolo Sari and Lia Riva, a gastronomy enthusiast and ambassador of the Riva philosophy. Visit of the boats with the eight starred Chefs, the shipowners and the skippers. On board each boat, one starred chef will realize a traditional dish of the terroir, assisted and helped by two kitchen amateurs. By the means of a mandatory reservation, the kitchen amateurs will be associated with the Chief of their choice. A producer from the Organic Market of the Route du Gout will be associated with each Chef. At 5,30pm, tasting of dishes by the jury (composed of gastronomic critics and Monegasque personalities).   – From 7 pm to 10 pm at Quai Antoine 1er – Tunnel Riva: Gala Organic Dinner “Chefs Love The Planet”. In honor of the “lovers of the sea” artists like Carlo Riva, creator of works of art that sculpt the sea and the starred chef, poets of the sea food, will attend the Gala, together with a great audience respectful of marine species and of the sea. The detailed program of the evening is the following: at 7pm Welcome Cocktail. at 7:30 pm Opening of the “Chefs Love the Planet” Dinner at 600,00 € per person. The amount raised for this evening will be used for the charity projects of the association “Bio Chef Global Spirit”. At 9pm: Presentation of the prizes to the Chefs by the Prince Albert II Foundation. At 10pm End of the evening.

Sunday October 15th Quai Antoine 1er From 10 am to 6 pm – The Moses Bio and the market of the organic producers are open to all for the discovery, the visit and the purchase of products. It should be noted that programs can be modified, evolve and precised. Organic Dinners Route du Goût – Reservations on +377 98 06 36 36 Registration and participation in events: organization@thebiochef.com

Accompanied by Paolo Sari HSH Prince Albert II visited the Moses Bio 2016 with his niece Camille Grimaldi Gottlieb
Accompanied by Paolo Sari HSH Prince Albert II visited the Moses Bio 2016 with his niece Camille Grimaldi Gottlieb

Some words about Moses.Bio® The Floating Garden. Water is crucial worldwide. The Principality of Monaco, the Cote d’Azur and the Italian Rivieras interact intensely with both the land and the sea, sometimes in dangerous way for the environment. Moses.Bio® is the first field of agricultural production floating on the sea, with biodynamic management. Actually, it uses the forces of nature, water, sun and wind. The irrigation system is provided by filtered sea water and a desalinator, working with the help of photovoltaic panels. A wind control unit will ensure proper operation with other complementary functions. The Association Bio Chef Global Spirit is looking forward to coooperating with the natural forces to develop and make available to the inhabitants a zero impact agricultural solution.The Moses.Bio® is waiting for you at the Port Hercules in Monaco on the Quai Antoine 1er, thanks to the support of ESATITUDE Menton, a social and professional accompaniment facility for people with disabilities. ESTITUDE Menton offers people with a disability a professional and demanding working environment, with specific facilities. They are specialized in the development and marketing of authentic Menton lemons from sustainable and organic farming from 2018. The workers have also specialized in the transformation and marketing of pastry products based on lemon from Menton.

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Some words about the Bio Chef Global Spirit Association: it is a not-for-profit entity created in Monaco in 2015 by Paolo Sari, The Bio Chef, the only Michelin-starred Certified Organic Chef in the world. The Association aims to organize sporting events through the development of activities related to natural energies; develop organic farming through events with the aim of respecting nature; organize training courses to sensitize and train young people on environmentally responsible food; encourage hoteliers, schools and hospitals, the restoration of the Principality to develop a biological pathway; create a biological, ecological label to guarantee producers and consumers and preserve the agricultural and food heritage of the Principality and the Côte d’Azur; organize international exchanges of assistance and training for young people; collaborate with the Principality’s institutions for sustainable, ecological and biological development; promote, in the media and in all its forms, sport, gastronomy, culture, health, sustainable development and organic farming.

AAACHP_6025Last but not least, some words about the Charity Projects 2017 – The School of Felix: following a gastronomic discovery trip on the OSO® site in 2014, the bio Chef Paolo SARI became aware of the fundamental challenges in Education and Health in Madagascar, in Ankarana in particular. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation works in Madagascar for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development. Its actions mainly concern the fields of Health, Poverty Alleviation and Education. On the occasion of the the Route du Goût 2017 the bio Chef Paolo Sarti and the Fondation École de Felix joined forces to provide the School with a new infrastructure. A financial donation of € 20,000 will make it possible to start in the autumn of 2017 the construction in Ampapamena, of a training center «Institut hôtelier et culinaire Biologique Moné et Paolo Sari» dedicated to Culinary Arts, Hospitality, and Catering businesses. This new building of 100m2 will train 20 children over two years until the 3rd class (level BEPC), on Kitchen, Catering and Hospitality Business. This training corresponds to a real need of Madagascar, whose tourism sector is one of the pillars of the local economy and the creation of jobs.

A second Charity Project regards the reconstruction of the “G. Lucatelli Tolentino School” in Italy, Le Marche .This beautiful region that has a great touristic, cultural and agricultural potential, was hitted by several devastating earthquakes from August 2016 to January 2017, causing enormous damage not only to the economy but also to some important school facilities. The Italian Government has provided accommodation and temporary schools to resume education programs as soon as possible. The Association has decided to accompany the G. Lucatelli School of Tolentino in its reconstruction to help children and their families regain the normality of everyday life. We will use the funds collected during the Route du Goût to assist in the preparation of the school, to improve the reception of children and to equip the classrooms with all the necessary for teaching. At the same time, we will carry out the project of biological nutritional education that will involve all the pupils, from the kindergarten to the secondary and to the setting in motion of a biological garden. In a vision to revitalize the economy of tourism and a healthy restoration of this magnificent region of Italy, the young students of the Lucatelli School will be the ambassadors of tomorrow for this earthquake recovery project.

Association Bio Chef Global Spirit, BP 452 – 98011 MONACO CEDEX – MONACO – Association Monégasque Loi N° 1.335 – N° de NIS 9499Z17696 Website: www.route-du-gout.com; mailto: Association@thebiochef.com


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