by Ilio Masprone-Publisher-Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merits MONACO. This fall 2017 I am happy to renovate my personal support for Monaco’s sustainability and arts, presenting two major no-profit Associations. They are the Bio Chef Global Spirit, founded and chaired by the starred bio-chef Paolo Sari, and AIDA, which was founded by Mikhail Kuliniak and Calypso de Sigaldi to organising cultural projects. Paolo Sari’s events celebrate organic gastronomy, ecology, health, youth and sports for a charitable purpose. In the image of the Monegasque model, AIDA aims to encourage a dynamic of sharing between classical and contemporary cultures, between diverse forms of artistic expression, between different peoples, their cultures and way of thinking through aesthetics and musicality. The amount raised by the events organized by Paolo Sari during the Monaco Bio Festival that is attached to the “Route du Gout” 2017, will be used for two charity projects of the association “Bio Chef Global Spirit”. The first initiavive regards Health, Poverty Alleviation and Education in Madagascar. The second Charity Project regards the Italian region Le Marche that was hitted by some devastating earthquakes from August 2016 to January 2017. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation works in Madagascar for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development. On the occasion of the the Route du Goût 2017 from 12 to 15 October 2017 the bio Chef Paolo Sari and the Fondation École de Felix joined forces to provide the School with a new infrastructure. A financial donation of € 20,000 will make it possible to start in the autumn of 2017 the construction in Ampapamena of a training center «Institut hôtelier et culinaire Biologique Moné et Paolo Sari» dedicated to Culinary Arts, Hospitality, and Catering businesses. The second Charity Project in Italy Le Marche regards the reconstruction of the “G. Lucatelli Tolentino School” in Italy. The Italian Government has provided accommodation and temporary schools to resume education as soon as possible. The Bio Chef Global Spirit Association has decided to accompany the G. Lucatelli School of Tolentino in its reconstruction to help children and their families regain the normality of everyday life. As for the Association Internationale d’Actions Artistiques AIDA, founders Mikhail Kuliniak and Calypso de Sigaldi think that the Principality of Monaco is an ideal cradle of cultural exchange. It also represents a beacon of harmony between cultures and countries with evidence almost every day of how this country is a laboratory of ideas contributing to the development of tomorrow’s society. The Sovereign HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco is a driving force for this exchange between cultures to the benefit of all. The association AIDA worked its structure to offer to its members and friends a dynamic 2018 cultural season, punctuated by regular and recurring meetings around creative and atypical events which create beautiful exchange moments in a festive and relaxed atmosphere. The full amount raised by the AIDA’ s initiatives will be used for two charity projects of the association. Also, AIDA wants to bring together in one entity Active and Benefactor Members who have the desire to promote knowledge through artistic creation. I am sure that the Bio Chef Global Spirit’s and the AIDA’s events will remain forever the pride of the Principality of Monaco, tiny state capable of great things.

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